Concentric Methods Provides Database Operation
And Maintenance,

while offering the following services: application development, system/application operation, system/application maintenance, system/application support, and system/application service standards and agreements.


CM also provides affordable comprehensive help desk services to customers requiring a full service technical resource center, full or part-time help desk, application support center, or customer service desk.


CM’s knowledgeable technicians have the expertise to handle any type of support, from the simple maintenance of an individual user’s workstation, to problems that affect your organization’s entire IT infrastructure. Your organization will benefit from the most highly qualified and certified technical staff — without having to worry about recruiting, training and fulfillment, and other related tasks.


Why Concentric Methods?


  • Architecture Development

    We perform system architecture development of architecture artifacts required for certification and accreditation. Our architects document the as-is baseline architecture and aid in the development of future architecture that will modernize the interface, separate business logic and create a database to be used for more effective reporting thereby reducing maintenance costs.

  • System Administration

    We provide system administration support for all environments essential to the day to day, and future, operations. The environments managed and maintained by CM include PRODuction, DEVelopment, TEST, PROTOtype, and the back-up Continuity of Operations (COOP) servers.

  • Technical Support

    We provide multiple Tier support. Our Tier I specialists gather customer information, determine the cause and appropriate fix actions, create a help desk ticket, if needed, and then take action to implement appropriate corrective measures. Tier II support may include, but is not limited to, on-site installations or replacements of various hardware components, software repair, diagnostic testing, and the utilization of remote control tools for troubleshooting. We provide telephone, e-mail, and walk-in support to users during core operating hours, and 24/7 support during mission critical operations.

  • Application Services

    We are responsible for ensuring the operability of databases and numerous applications. Support actions/responsibilities include: application development, application operation, maintenance, support, service standards and agreements. We transform stakeholder requirements into a Business Requirement (BR) that guides the software design and graphic user interfaces.

  • Help Desk Services

    We offer comprehensive help desk services to customers requiring a full service technical resource center, full or part-time help desk, application support center, or customer service desk.

  • Security

    We adhere to our customer’s management process for auditing, training, and implementation of information assurance (IA) throughout all phases of each system and/or application lifecycle. We ensure IA controls are applied to the systems and applications, and tested to establish Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), National Security Administration (NSA) Security Checklists, CYBER Command Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVAs) and AF Time Compliance Network Orders (TCNOs) compliance.

  • Timeliness of Performance

    Our database management and staff are consistently involved in establishing and maintaining clear lines of communication, activities, and direction with our customer. We hold weekly Program Management Review meetings in an effort to provide the Contracting Office Technical Representative and mission partners with pertinent program information.

  • Effectiveness of Key Personnel

    Our Program Management (PM) team, as well as CM executive leadership, is fully committed to the success of the IT and help and service desk programs. Our PM personnel monitor staff, program, and operational performance each day and provide program management on-site.

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