Helping Ensure BioSafety Research Solutions
That Save Lives.

Concentric Methods™ provides BioSafety, engineering, owner advocacy, program management, and psychological support services critical to supporting the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS). In addition to providing direct BioSafety and engineering support to research programs, many other clients are supported as well, including the Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations, Office of Animal Care and Use, the Office of Intramural Research and Institutes and Centers (IC) Scientific Directors.


Concentric Methods is dedicated to providing customized solutions to efficiently fit specific needs, time, and budgets. We offer licensed professionals that are regularly engaged in the practice of owner advocacy services; mechanical, industrial, and safety engineering reviews; assessments, validation studies, and audits.


Why Concentric Methods?

At Concentric Methods, we do more than fill jobs. We deliver a rewarding experience that results in the best possible outcome for clients, healthcare providers, and their patients.

  • Mechanical, Industrial, Safety Engineering Support Services

    Concentric Methods provides a full spectrum of mechanical, industrial and/or safety engineering consulting to include plan reviews related to identifying safety and health issues that may arise due to the construction and/or renovation of biomedical research laboratory facilities. Our engineers evaluate plans with safety and health specialists, facility personnel, program personnel, and management to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines, standards, or requirements. To ensure the safety of staff and local community, we provide support for validating engineering systems in newly constructed or renovated biomedical research facilities, including BSL-3, ABSL-3, BSL-4, and ABSL-4 facilities.

  • Owner’s Advocate Services

    We serve as an advocate for the DOHS on projects at NIH involving new construction, renovations, as well as repair and maintenance activities for BSL-3 facilities, BSL-4 facilities, and biomedical research laboratories. Further, we attend plan review meetings and provide accurate meeting minutes that are submitted to the program area or PO, as specified.

  • Occupational Health and Safety and BioSafety Services

    We work closely with the safety engineers, safety and health specialists, facility personnel, program personnel, management, and contractors during and after the commissioning process to assist with plan reviews and validation testing of the facility’s systems to identify safety and health issues specific to high containment laboratories and biomedical research laboratory facilities. Additionally, we provide consultation on highly complex BioSafety related issues to ensure compliance with all guidelines, standards, or requirements; and to assist during the certification phase of newly constructed laboratory facilities.

  • Risk Communication Consultation and Training

    Concentric Methods develops and provides oral and written communications on safety engineering and health hazards, which include technical reports and audits, professional presentations, and delivery of presentations or training to one or two employees or large groups. Specifically, we communicate safety and health risks and protective measures taken to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and community members regarding construction of high containment laboratories.

  • Program Management and Support Services

    Concentric Methods develops new documents, or can review and revise existing government documents or products, as directed by the Project Officer. We assist with the conception, collaboration, development, and delivery of products such as reports, guidelines, publications, flyers, web content and layout, posters, and training products. We assure and track progress of on-going data collection and management on all special projects ensuring data is adequately maintained. Correspondingly, we assist in the development of abstracts, manuscripts, presentations, and publications related to these special projects.

  • Psychological Services

    We develop, administer, and evaluate behavioral health screenings and interviews to biological surety program certifying officials, and biological surety program certifying medical officials, related to BioSecurity and biological surety protocols, related to measuring stress, fatigue, mood disorders, substance abuse and intent to deceive. Additionally, we collaborate with NIH Division of Police in evaluating inside threats and outside risks for safe operation of laboratories at the NIH campuses.

  • Select Agent Program Training

    We provide expert training via highly qualified instructors in Select Agent Program regulations that each employee must follow in order to maintain licensure for the laboratory. The instructors have developed a course in which the student is challenged throughout a three week course. The three weeks of instruction will cover such critical topics as: Principles of Biocontainment; Mission Critical Infrastructure; Waste Management; Biological Risk Assessment; BioSafety Cabinet Use; Emergency Response; Select Agent Program Regulations; Personal Reliability Program; Inventory Management; and Select Agent Transport.

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